“Difficult”…..Let us make it “Simple”……

Difficult? Let us make it simple....
Difficult? Let us make it simple….

There is a great quote by the writer Thomas Mann:

” A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people”.

In his view, he says that things should be difficult for a writer to express…..If you feel writing is not difficult, it means perhaps that you are not trying hard enough.

Personally, I feel the same and I used to think that “it is not my cup of tea”….but you know when I meet with certain people or stories or when I was happened to read or see something very impressive, I feel that I have to pen down all my views and most of the time I feel that I am very bad at language usage…..which used to prevent me to do so….because I thought that it was a “Difficult” task and still “writing” is very difficult for me…..

But once in a while you have to realize that “the shortest route to solve a problem is to face it”…..

As a Chemistry Research Scholar, we used to tell stories in our lab, especially to our professors ;-), for being late (first and greatest), for being absent, for being forgetful….etc. Most of the time, we cook stories…you know, with added spices and ingredients and in my case, it was amazing….even I used use this trick in sometimes, when my lab mates gathered at my desk for chatting while I am serious about working, then I used to say “guys, I have a story”…you know everybody disappears. Well, that was fun, but sometimes i was desperate and grabs someone’s hand (juniors) and take them to walk or canteen to have tea or snacks and slowly I used to start…”you know, from many days one story tickling my mind and you have to listen this”…they have no choice…….but finally, after many days, some one says….”bro, long back you told me a story, you know that was really nice actually”………”Are you serious?”

There are certain aspects makes us to feel “difficulty” and tests our tolerance and I was very bad at handling difficult things. What could be those aspects…….

1. Difficulty in “Starting”: Well, most of us stops or almost kills our ideas even before we start them and that’s a big productivity killer. This might happen when we are not sure that “Where to start?” or ‘When to Start?”. Abdul Shahir says that “Start anywhere, somewhere that we can start it easily which could automatically increases the chances of completion by building a momentum. (Read, The art of the start – 5 little mind hacks to get your dream projects started.)

2. Procrastination makes things difficulty: We are good at this, because most of the times we postpone or delay the things and we think that we can do it in the last second also. But we also experienced the difficulty in last-minute working-outs and we generally feel that ‘it could be done simply yesterday’…….So, procrastination makes things difficult and the reasons for it may vary. (Read, Top 10 reasons why you procrastinate, and what you can do about them – Part 1 & 2).

3. Difficulty in our Society: For a while, Let us blame the society. I know, that’s a good idea, because we are conditioned by our education and later by marketing “to take an easy road”, to take everything  which is about being comfortable :easy, faster, cheaper and convenient. Because everyone needs something that could be done easier. We all want immediate results and success. We judge the quality and character of things by its “difficulty” by keeping our convenience in our minds. In my view, the task of doing a “difficult” thing can be surpassed by doing more difficult thing and that’s an old and traditional idea.

4. Comparison with successful people: We are always very eager to hear the stories of successful people, what they have done, how they made it….somehow skipping the difficulty things. Most of these success stories have commercial goals to attract certain genre of people and make them believe that those things can be achieved easily. Someone says in a commercial, “I have reduced my wait in a month simply by drinking this tea” and someone says “I read the book of Shiv Khera, and I have got succeeded in my life”.

Everybody should keep in mind that “nobody will be succeed without doing difficult things”, even though someone get name and fame, that could not be permanent. Adam Westbrook says that “no one should have the feeling that everyone is successful than us”. He says that, “Even Leonardo Da Vinci, was a loser who got his first break at the age of 46”.

The Long Game Part 1: Why Leonardo DaVinci was no genius from Delve on Vimeo.

Make it Simple: The ultimate idea to overcome “difficult” things is “to make it simple”. The strategy is simple that you should follow is “breathe air and get up, start doing your work”, start it from simple points that might make you feel comfortable, something which ultimately brings you closer to that you are supposed to be.

To the Difficult.

Somewhere, I have started and finished somewhere…….

" A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people".
” A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people”.



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