3 important things you have to concentrate for being awesome in your field

To be awsome - life motto

According to Jason Surfrapp, the author of “Creativity for Sale“, 90% of people are afraid to ask for things, true or not? I don’t know but the fact is that we don’t get things what we don’t ask for – including the hike in your salary, your sales or even a date. But asking simply about the things what we want is not enough. For me, it needs some awesomeness.

Yes, you heard it right. Being awesome in your field makes things better and you can get what you can ask for (mostly).

How to become an awesome person?

First of all, you have to understand that being awesome is never considered as looking “physically beautiful”. It never depend upon your physical personality, but upon your mental personality. Looking beautiful or being handsome might workout temporarily, but not every time or not in every situation. So, what are the important things can decide the criteria for having awesomeness.

My honest answer is “I don’t know” but I can broadly say about 3 important things which I experienced in my life…..Creativity, Confidence and Effort (There might be other things but for me, these are the most important).

You might have seen beauty competitions like “Miss World and Miss Universe”etc., there are hundreds of beautiful and handsome ladies compete with each other but finally only three ladies will be on the stage with crowns on their heads, the one with more creativity, the one with more confidence and the one who put more effort and finally one and only person grabs the title who is ‘AWESOME”. But don’t tell me that we are not in a beauty competition but we know that we are in a competitive world and let us take a look.

Creativity: When it comes to our profession, like selling things, or giving a presentation or being in a competition, we know there are many others also there in a competition with us. So your product or presentation or yourself has a competition. Someone, somewhere already sells your product or gives a similar presentation and that will make you feel confident but it also needs some creativity. For me, there is no “Some Creativity”, because creativity never has a limit and it depends upon your perception. Being creative by choosing a unique way of presentation can makes you to stands out from the crowd.

I think you know “lady Gaga” very well. You might have heard her albums but she is more famous for her creative appearances than her music itself.

lady Gaga 1 Gaga

Do you still believe that this is “creativity”? I will leave you here with this…lady gaga

Confidence: Be confident…. or try to pretend it. Because, confidence is the key role in your success. When it comes to relations, relations between family members, friends, lovers, employees and customers…. confidence is the key, which can make things easy to handle. The more you work to build your confidence and the more practice you put in, the more results you will see.

Bipasha Basu in Daboo Ratnani's Calender 2011
Confident Bipasha Basu

Effort: You will agree that no one will get success with out an effort…..right? Because no one has ever put in an insane amount of effort for something and not gotten some value out of it. Be enthusiastic, because….

“Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and with out it nothing great was ever achieved”. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

The more you are enthusiastic,  the more effort you put in a right way, the better you will get at it.

“We all have dreams. But, in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful amount of determination, dedication, self-discipline and EFFORT“. – Jesse Owens

Hrithik 1

“Everyone thinks I am genetically blessed with a good body. I want to show people the real picture. I want to share my story and tell people that they too can change their lives. Ten weeks ago, I was terribly unfit and now I look like this (pointing to the fabulous picture on the right above).” – Hrithik Roshan.

There might be other aspects for being an awesome person like having honesty, intelligence and sense of humor but all these can also be achieved by above 3 things.

Do you agree with me?

Here is your challenge: decide to be awesome in one of your abilities or skills, (weather it may be writing, dancing, acting or blogging etc.) and do it in a creative, confident way that shows effort. THEN REPEAT IT.

This I have got today in facebook……

Don't forget to be awesome
Don’t forget to be awesome

I did not clip her wings, I am father of Malala….Ziauddin Yousafzai


Pakistani educator Ziauddin Yousafzai reminds the world of a simple truth that many don’t want to hear: Women and men deserve equal opportunities for education, autonomy, an independent identity. He tells stories from his own life and the life of his daughter, Malala, who was shot by the Taliban in 2012 simply for daring to go to school. “Why is my daughter so strong?” Yousafzai asks. “Because I didn’t clip her wings.”

In many patriarchal societies and tribal societies, fathers are usually known by their sons, but I’m one of the few fathers who is known by his daughter, and I am proud of it.”

And there is one more norm of the patriarchal societies that is called obedience. A good girl is supposed to be very quiet, very humble and very submissive. It is the criteria. The role model good girl should be very quiet. She is supposed to be silent and she is supposed to accept the decisions of her father and mother and the decisions of elders, even if she does not like them. If she is married to a man she doesn’t like or if she is married to an old man, she has to accept, because she does not want to be dubbed as disobedient.”


I used to appreciate the intelligence and the brilliance of my daughter. I encouraged her to sit with mewhen my friends used to come. I encouraged her to go with me to different meetings. And all these good values, I tried to inculcate in her personality. And this was not only she, only Malala. I imparted all these good values to my school, girl students and boy students as well. I used education for emancipation. I taught my girls, I taught my girl students, to unlearn the lesson of obedience. I taught my boy students to unlearn the lesson of so-called pseudo-honor.”


 “We came across a new phenomenon. It was lethal to human rights and particularly to women’s rights. It was called Talibanization.”

At the age of 10, Malala stood, and she stood for the right of education. She wrote a diary for the BBC blog, she volunteered herself for the New York Times documentaries, and she spoke from every platform she could. And her voice was the most powerful voice. It spread like a crescendo all around the world.”

Malala 1

 And she abruptly told me, “Please don’t blame yourself. You stood for the right cause. You put your life at stake for the cause of truth, for the cause of peace, and for the cause of education, and your daughter in inspired from you and she joined you. You both were on the right path and God will protect her.”

People ask me, what special is in my mentor-ship which has made Malala so bold and so courageous and so vocal and poised? I tell them, don’t ask me what I did. Ask me what I did not do. I did not clip her wings, and that’s all.”

Malala 4g9530_malala.indd

Ziauddin Yousafzai

Education activist
Despite an attack on his daughter Malala in 2012,
Ziauddin Yousafzai continues his fight to educate children in the developing world. Full bio….
Malala 8