Imagination: The road map for a successful genius….


“Am I successful in Life?”

“Am I a genius?”

Several times I questioned myself….

Everyone has their own definitions and factors which decides either they are ‘successful’ or ‘genius’ in their lives…. I have my own too….

Being an Indian, we have the general ideas that decides one’s success… good at studies, having a good job with 5 figure salary, bank balance, happily married (I never understand this), having children (especially boys), big house, weekend parties and movies, good at English, having friends who can influence or refer or recommend etc… etc… and all those factors related to money and happiness.

Most of the times, people surrounding me, like friends, relatives and neighbors decides whether I am successful in life or not, even though most of them actually don’t know what i am capable of. And if I think about their views about ‘success’, I never become a successful person in my life. Because I am average at studies (sometimes people imagine about me that I am an intelligent), do not have a job with good salary, not thinking about marriage and had been living for many years in rented houses and I am not a partying person and of course I watch many movies (most preferably in my laptop), my English is below average (I know you already got that) and do not have influential friends etc… etc…

And we have a concept that those are ‘successful’ in life are ‘geniuses’…. so, I am not a genius too…

Now, i am questioning again myself…. ‘Am I not a genius?’….

I am now at my thirties, still I have time to be successful in my life, because age is not a factor which decides our success. We can get it at any age. But what about being a ‘genius’?, I never checked my IQ, because I won’t believe it.

“Taking right decision at right time or grabbing the opportunities when they knocked your door or creating your own opportunities for success”, are these the qualities that a genius have? OMG, I am confused, generally, I take a lot of time to take a decision and most of them…. you know, I think you understood…. and opportunities, still I have to workon them….

But I read this sentence…..

“Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered — either by themselves or by others — Mark Twain”

Is this happening in my case?

“Why do some people rise to greatness and others do not?”…

This question made me to read about the stories of some achievers…. the common thing is that, most of their stories are started with failures only…. and the important thing is that “they never give up”… All their stories describes their remarkable “transformations” and their ‘imaginations” with a great effort of ‘Practice”.

We have so many examples in the history….

Henry Ford failed in business several times and was flat broke five times before he found ‘Ford Motors’. Thomas Edison, in his youth, considered too stupid to learn anything by his teachers. Beethoven was so awkward on violin and was considered and believed as hopeless as a composer. Michael Jordan didn’t make his sophomore team because he was deemed too short and average to play at that level. Stan Smith, a world-class tennis player (winner of Wimbledon, U.S Open and 8 Davis cups) was once rejected for the lowly position a ball boy, because he was felt too clumsy and uncoordinated by the event organizers.

Another important story is about Ted Williams, a baseball legend who was considered as the most “gifted” hitter at his times was believed to have natural abilities far beyond ordinary men. Williams began his path to greatness at the age of seven, when he decided to dedicated his entire life to one singular task: “hitting the baseball as perfectly as possible.”

Ted Williams
Starting at the young age, Williams spent every free minute he had by hitting balls at San Diego’s old North field park, every day, year after year. His childhood friends recall finding him on that field smashing balls with outer shells completely beaten off, with a splintered bat, and with blistered and bleeding hands. He used to spend his lunch money to hire other kids to shag his balls so he could hit as many as possible everyday. When he go to home at night, he used to swing a rolled-up newspaper in the mirror until he went to bed. This obsession continued throughout William’s entire professional career, and it’s no surprise that he excelled because of it. That kind of dedication only comes from the heart — a true love and passion for the activity.

All these stories tell us about these common points…..

First, the seed of greatness exists in every human being, whether it sprouts or not, it is our choice. Second, there are no such things as natural-born under or over-achievers, there are only people that tap into their true potentials and people that don’t. Third, the most generally recognized thing is “great talent”, in almost all cases, nothing more than the outward manifestations of unwavering dedication to a process. Fourth, great achievers work very hard and take advantage of opportunities…. but it is not enough.

“Why do some people recognize, appreciate, and pursue opportunities with passion and determination and whereas others don’t?”

“Why are some people willing to push through hell and high water to win, whereas others quit early and easily?”

Are there practical answers to these questions, or are they unsolvable enigmas of human psychology?

Dr. Alfred. A. Barrios

Psychologist Dr. Alfred Barrios, conducted a research to analyze the lives of history’s greatest geniuses. By the end of his research, Barrios has pieced together his “genius code” — a profound insight into what really spawns greatness. One of those single characteristics of Barrios genius code is — “IMAGINATION”.

History’s greatest geniuses had greatest visions and greatest imaginations…. When we see the recent English movies, which were competed at Oscars, majorly describes about the ‘Imaginations” of greatest minds….The imitation game, The theory of everything, Birdman, Whiplash, Selma, Boyhood and The grand budapest hotel etc. Imagination will make you do wonders and sometimes it is difficult to understand greatest imaginations of some wonderful people(like the imagination of ‘Christopher Nolan’s’ Interstellar 😉 😉😁).

Now, I am questioning again myself, “what is my imagination?” which will make me into a genius…. because….

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

— Albert Einstein.

Imagination creates geniuses….. If we have ever dreamed a greatest imagination to become a successful genius, to just have a burning desire to improve ourselves, our aspects of life, then we have an adventure waiting in our lives….

to become a genius….

Because, we rely on geniuses to entertain us, to educate us, lead us, and show us all what our species is capable of. We rely on geniuses to give us smart phones, electric cars, cures for diseases, social networking sites, movies, food, and indeed the very fabric of our culture.

Then, What I am waiting for???????

(Note: Excerpts from the Autobiography of Nikolai Tesla – Imagination and the man invented 20th century  – by Sean Patrick).


“Difficult”…..Let us make it “Simple”……

Difficult? Let us make it simple....
Difficult? Let us make it simple….

There is a great quote by the writer Thomas Mann:

” A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people”.

In his view, he says that things should be difficult for a writer to express…..If you feel writing is not difficult, it means perhaps that you are not trying hard enough.

Personally, I feel the same and I used to think that “it is not my cup of tea”….but you know when I meet with certain people or stories or when I was happened to read or see something very impressive, I feel that I have to pen down all my views and most of the time I feel that I am very bad at language usage…..which used to prevent me to do so….because I thought that it was a “Difficult” task and still “writing” is very difficult for me…..

But once in a while you have to realize that “the shortest route to solve a problem is to face it”…..

As a Chemistry Research Scholar, we used to tell stories in our lab, especially to our professors ;-), for being late (first and greatest), for being absent, for being forgetful….etc. Most of the time, we cook stories…you know, with added spices and ingredients and in my case, it was amazing….even I used use this trick in sometimes, when my lab mates gathered at my desk for chatting while I am serious about working, then I used to say “guys, I have a story”…you know everybody disappears. Well, that was fun, but sometimes i was desperate and grabs someone’s hand (juniors) and take them to walk or canteen to have tea or snacks and slowly I used to start…”you know, from many days one story tickling my mind and you have to listen this”…they have no choice…….but finally, after many days, some one says….”bro, long back you told me a story, you know that was really nice actually”………”Are you serious?”

There are certain aspects makes us to feel “difficulty” and tests our tolerance and I was very bad at handling difficult things. What could be those aspects…….

1. Difficulty in “Starting”: Well, most of us stops or almost kills our ideas even before we start them and that’s a big productivity killer. This might happen when we are not sure that “Where to start?” or ‘When to Start?”. Abdul Shahir says that “Start anywhere, somewhere that we can start it easily which could automatically increases the chances of completion by building a momentum. (Read, The art of the start – 5 little mind hacks to get your dream projects started.)

2. Procrastination makes things difficulty: We are good at this, because most of the times we postpone or delay the things and we think that we can do it in the last second also. But we also experienced the difficulty in last-minute working-outs and we generally feel that ‘it could be done simply yesterday’…….So, procrastination makes things difficult and the reasons for it may vary. (Read, Top 10 reasons why you procrastinate, and what you can do about them – Part 1 & 2).

3. Difficulty in our Society: For a while, Let us blame the society. I know, that’s a good idea, because we are conditioned by our education and later by marketing “to take an easy road”, to take everything  which is about being comfortable :easy, faster, cheaper and convenient. Because everyone needs something that could be done easier. We all want immediate results and success. We judge the quality and character of things by its “difficulty” by keeping our convenience in our minds. In my view, the task of doing a “difficult” thing can be surpassed by doing more difficult thing and that’s an old and traditional idea.

4. Comparison with successful people: We are always very eager to hear the stories of successful people, what they have done, how they made it….somehow skipping the difficulty things. Most of these success stories have commercial goals to attract certain genre of people and make them believe that those things can be achieved easily. Someone says in a commercial, “I have reduced my wait in a month simply by drinking this tea” and someone says “I read the book of Shiv Khera, and I have got succeeded in my life”.

Everybody should keep in mind that “nobody will be succeed without doing difficult things”, even though someone get name and fame, that could not be permanent. Adam Westbrook says that “no one should have the feeling that everyone is successful than us”. He says that, “Even Leonardo Da Vinci, was a loser who got his first break at the age of 46”.

The Long Game Part 1: Why Leonardo DaVinci was no genius from Delve on Vimeo.

Make it Simple: The ultimate idea to overcome “difficult” things is “to make it simple”. The strategy is simple that you should follow is “breathe air and get up, start doing your work”, start it from simple points that might make you feel comfortable, something which ultimately brings you closer to that you are supposed to be.

To the Difficult.

Somewhere, I have started and finished somewhere…….

" A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people".
” A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people”.



Struggle for existence – Struggle with yourself…..Still you have time, don’t give up….

struggle for existence

Struggle for existence“, the term first used by Charles Darwin in a broad sense which was explained the theory of “Nature selection”. But this idea of struggle for existence itself is struggling from many decades in many disciplines. “The more you struggle, more you improve….more you exist”.

But, are you thinking that we have a particular time frame to be succeed?

Do you think that you have done enough for existence and now it is the time to stop struggling?

I saw many people who fix particular time frames “to do this and that” and “to be done” etc…but what if they couldn’t finish in that frame? what if your priorities changes during that period?? you have to understand that…..

“Existence (Success) is not a pain because of struggle, but it is our moments which we misinterpret it as the struggle”.

The actual struggling has no particular time frame. It’s a long game and let us enjoy the ride…..and the success will come slowly……

We have to keep in our mind….that….”We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But we are not our mistakes, we are not our struggles and we are here NOW with the power to shape our day and our future”.

“We are the books we read,

the films we watch,

the music we listen to,

the people we meet,

the dreams we have,

the conversations we engage in,

We are what we take from these.

We are the sound of the Ocean,

the breath of fresh air,

the brightest light and darkest corner,

We are a collective of every experience we have had in our life.

We are every single day,

So, drown ourselves in a sea of knowledge and existence.

Let the words run through our veins and let the colors fill our mind”.