OMG!!!!! writing is becoming easy everyday….


OMG!!!!! writing is becoming easy everyday….

Writing an article or writing something was always a nightmare to me in my initial days. Because, I was a Research student used to write scientific articles that were drafted by my professor. My professor looks like an Einstein (we used to believe it) and he never appreciated any of my writings. He used to find out so many mistakes, asked to change the sentences and their formats and the number of drafts he made us to prepare were ridiculous and sometimes we (yeah, same with my friends too) used to prepare 20 to 30 drafts to make him feel satisfied.

After doing so many drafts, he again comes to the starting….. he advice us to use the same words that we had used in our initial drafts. You should have seen our expressions at that time…… we used to discover a new language to scold our professor and we always feel that if he do the same regarding to our work, we could have been discovered so many good things. But, our professor never likes our new inventions, I don’t know he might have not like our intelligence or may be he might have used to compare himself with us.

But in those days, at times when i used to type a lot, I was not aware about most of the tools that are available today. There is so many apps, websites which makes your writing look beautiful and promising. In fact, I was using “Ginger” application but it was used to disturb me a lot, when ever I log in, or when ever I type something, it was used to flash on the screen and reminds me to upgrade or buy, and soon I removed it from my system. We need an application that should not disturb our regular activities and it should work smart. People are now a days will not see the price if they really like the function and applications but that should work as smart as our brain.

There are really a greater list of writing tools are available over internet, some are available on small price and some are free. Take a look here…….

Tools for writers online….

Many of these applications are really cool and I like many of them. In fact I decided to buy “Writefull” and “Hemingway” and I like this platform where I am writing my post in order to test its efficiency i.e. “Zenpen“. Even “The Blog Topic Generator” was looking cool and if you have any idea, the app will generate the ideas to work on it. Why I am writing this? because I always feel that writing something gives me energy, whether it may be the scratch or unworthy, writing makes me to relieve from my regular stress, in fact i feel stress about what i should have to write about next time. So, as many tools available now a days to make your writing cool, the more it will be easy to flow on the screen but after all you have to think with your brain, “which words suits better?”.

So, myself as a writer, I always reminds about this great sentence of Thomas Mann:

“A Writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people”.

So, have a great year with writing….. almost every day…… 😉

This article I wrote using “Zenpen”….